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October is celebrated globally as the “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.” It brings together employees and organizations to promote best practices and raise awareness about growing cyber threats. So, in this context, GRAMAX, in association with CyberFrat, organized a Cybersecurity Awareness Meet, which held on 21st October 2023 in NUB Auditorium.
The event started with Lamp Lighting ceremony from our respected leaders, including Dr. Ashwani Lohani, Mr. Rahul Shandilya, Mr. Bithal Bhardwaj, Mr. Nishant Singh and Mr. Gaurav Batra. This wonderful session also witnessed keynote sessions on emerging threats and vulnerabilities in critical information infrastructure and way forward. Panel discussions on the growing importance of cybersecurity awareness were also organized during this session, wherein different industry leaders presented their views.
Towards the end, CyberFrat executed a memorable gamification session for the audience using Culsight, which is an automated training platform by CyberFrat that covers 50+ human attack vectors & is always up to date with latest tricks.