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GRAMAX Cybersec, GMR Cybersecurity Division, is extremely happy to share that they have won Gold and Silver medals in the prestigious Bharat National Cybersecurity Exercise 2023 (BHARAT NCX 2023), which was organized by the National Security Council Secretariat.
BHARAT NCX 2023 was chaired by the National Cybersecurity Coordinator Lt Gen MU Nair and had participants from the cyber wings of Armed Forces, Intelligence agencies, Govt ministries, PSUs, Banks like ICICI, HDFC and Critical Sector Organizations. It was a closed-door by-invite only national event that was organized in Delhi from 9th Oct to 20th Oct 2023.
The exercise's centerpiece was a Blue teaming exercise in which 18 cross-industry teams (4-5 people per team) were randomly formed by the organizers and given a simulated network to protect against cyberattacks over the course of five days. Red teamers with the highest levels of industry expertise carried out the attacks during the period. With strict deadlines for the objectives, the teams were placed in stressful situations taken directly from real life. Each team worked together over the course of the five days to plan for the defense of their networks and, if necessary, their recovery.