• Address Security Threats in Real Time without Compromising Business Continuity
  • Accelerate Threat Detection and Incident Response with Our State-of-the-art Security Operations Center
  • Get 360-Degree Visibility of the Entire IT Infrastructure

Protecting against modern cyber-attacks requires round-the-clock monitoring, quick threat identification, rapid investigation and strong response. Organizations often struggle to meet all such requirements at the same time, and that too, in a cost-effective manner.

To address cybersecurity challenges and help organizations remain secured, GRAMAX Cybersec provides a dedicated and effective Integrated Cyber Defence Center (ICDC) that provides customers with numerous advantages such as improved communication and collaboration, regulatory compliance, reduced security costs, etc. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise-wide security technologies to provide a 360-degree view of the enterprise, application and network security. Our unique solution accumulates threat intelligence from multiple sources for efficient threat prevention, detection and response. 

Why Choose GRAMAX Cybersec?

Our advanced and flexible ICDC enables 24/7 monitoring of existing security controls, determine potential threats, swiftly respond to suspicious behaviour and deploy the right technology to safeguard your organization.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Unparalleled accuracy in detecting and curbing cyber-attacks
  • Skilled professionals with years of experience
Proactive Threat Hunting
Automated Incident Response
Advanced Threat Intelligence
Detailed Security Reports