• Safeguard IoT/OT Environments with Reliable Security Solutions
  • Address Security Risks Targeting Critical Operational Technology (OT) Systems
  • Scan Your Internet of Things (IoT) Network for Complex Security Threats

Incidents like Colonial Pipeline and Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant attack have highlighted the extent of damage threat actors can cause after penetrating critical OT security. They showed why organizations must have properly segmented networks for IT and OT. An increased level of collaboration is required between OT & IT security professionals. GRAMAX provides comprehensive security solutions that cover people, process and technology triad, as well as complete risk management. We perform a holistic OT assessment to determine security gaps in your critical Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Why Choose GRAMAX Cybersec?

Cyber-attacks on OT/IoT environments are far more dangerous and expensive as they can cause system failure and endanger human lives. Our security solutions empower organisations to evaluate security maturity, identify vulnerabilities, improve OT visibility and ensure 24/7/365 monitoring to look for potential threats. GRAMAX leverages the domain expertise of the GMR group in providing and managing security for critical infrastructures.
Security Assessment for Enterprise-wide OT Systems
Vulnerability & Threat Management for all Connected Resources
Continuous and Proactive Threat Hunting
Compliance with Industry Standards