Events and News
07 Feb 2024
It was wonderful opportunity for GRAMAX Cybersec to be a part of the 18th edition of the NASSCOM-DSCI Annual Information Security Summit (AISS)
06 Feb 2024
The Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF) is an action-oriented platform with the goal of establishing a safe and secure Cyberspace that enables people
25 Oct 2023
October is celebrated globally as the “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.” It brings together employees and organizations to promote best practices and
25 Oct 2023
GRAMAX Cybersec, GMR Cybersecurity Division, is extremely happy to share that they have won Gold and Silver medals in the prestigious Bharat
25 Aug 2023
GRAMAX Cybersec, in collaboration with GMR Aero Academy and ISAC successfully conducted and hosted the 21st Edition of Defend The Flag on 25th